Under Construction - Übersetzung in Bearbeitung

Due to the diverse size and shaping of parts please send a picture of the actual part to our email address found at "Contact" menu.

If possible, you can include an object for size comparison (ruler, measuring tape), and please send the specific sizes of the part (piston diameter, manifold pipe length, pipe diameter, diameter of turbine housing, etc...).

The price is highly depends on the quantity of coating materials used, and the shape complexity of the part.

Based on the pictures sent, we email you a price quotation, which will be finalized upon receiving the part.

We have a partnership with a courier service operating in all countries of Europe. You just need to send your address and phone number along with you order, and a courier will pick up the packaged parts at a convenient time. We will ship the coated parts back by the same service. Shippment costs will be included in the invoice.